Why KredX Early

Current investment options for corporate treasury to deploy their surplus is limited coupled with
low-risk options giving minimal returns or only high-risk options giving high returns
Smart Bid
SmartBid effectively optimises the chances of bid approval
ERP Integration
Enabling smooth & seamless integration with ERP through a quick implementation mode
Cloud-Based Product
This enables a short onboarding time (5-7 days) and a one-point accessibility platform
Supplier Training & Onboarding
  • Complete online training modules for suppliers
  • Offline customer support over call
Supplier Engagement Drives
  • Create awareness at regular intervals by organising Supplier Events
  • Uninterrupted data feed to keep suppliers informed about the benefits
Call Centre and Helpline
  • Customer support
  • Email helpline and well-defined escalation procedure
How Does It Function?
Current investment options available to corporate treasury to deploy their surplus is limited with low risk options giving lower returns or only high risk options giving high returns
Deploy Treasury Surplus
Treasury surplus is deployed through our platform towards early payment of supplier invoices while the suppliers complete the basic KYC and online boarding procedure
Suppliers bid
Suppliers bid on their respective invoices for early payment with the help of SmartBid algorithm which ensures optimised values for bids to be approved
Review Of Discounted Invoices
Corporates review the discount bids displayed on the KredX Early Platform
Early Payment
Payments are cleared and disbursed for the uploaded invoices based on the availability of surplus funds
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