Tools To Predict The Future of Your Cash Flow

Tools To Predict The Future of Your Cash Flow

Forecasting the state of your cash flow in a future date is very crucial for your company’s financial health. Here are a few applications that will help you in this task:

The growth spurts of a modern business rests with the effective leverage of cash flow forecasting tools. Painstakingly moulded for sustainable income generation, these financial instruments have come to represent stability in growing businesses and their projected expansion trajectory. Here are some modern cash flow management tools that can potentially help your business.

Cash Flow Template

Traditionalists would find joy in creating financial specifics with the help of an Excel sheet. It is a long-respected custom that experts have come to take a certain joy in incorporating with overarching company agendas. There are different cash flow templates available from many major corporations across the world that can effectively aid you in designing cash flow management strategies. These templates can help in identifying the costs of setting up a business. With objective general assumptions, it will also be possible to create a realistic sales forecast that is firmly rooted in achievable revenue targets. While lacking in features compared with more sophisticated cash flow tools, templates offer a nuanced way of looking at company finances.


Refinement is key for an application like Pulse. It is rooted in providing sophisticated cash flow analysis templates are obviously lacking in. Pulse offers a way to observe your company cash flow for a relevant time frame and offers in-depth projections on the future state of your cash flow. There are exhaustive tools in the offer that can help you calculate the effect of adding new projects into your business can have on your preexisting cash flow conditions. The collaborative features is another high point of the application, as multiple users are capable of viewing and altering the cash flow projection and adding their own views on the suggested numbers. Pulse is a very useful application to have.

Master PlanGuru

PlanGuru sits at the zenith of top cash flow management tools. Available for download at 399 dollars, PlanGuru is capable of creating a highly informed financial forecast plan that can comprehensively project your cash flow for up to 10 years. PlanGuru is not a cloud-based app, it is also not for beginners as the software itself assumes that its users would have basic accounting and finance knowledge. Another important feature offered by PlanGuru is that it offers 19 different financial forecasting options. This is tremendously helpful because after creating your budget, you can correlate the results with different forecasting methods that are available with this application.


Capable of cash flow projections for up to 6 weeks, QuickBooks is an application that is only moderately powered. It still manages to offer some excellent options for small business owners. The system put in place by QuickBooks utilises the state of invoices and bills in your accounting system to analyse and project cash flow for the coming month. It is an effective tool that successfully deliberates historical accounting data structures and lets you customize the information with your own personal adjustments.

Cash flow forecasting is a nuanced system has evolved over the years and produced practical projection tools that are very handy for growing companies. Identifying the right tool that is perfect for your business, however, can be a tough task with so many options available in the market at this point in time. But with serious deliberation and intelligent considerations, this is not entirely an impossible task.